What’s New with HenricoNext?


The HenricoNext project team is finalizing several reports that review the county’s existing characteristics and conditions. Next, the team will begin evaluating future growth alternatives. That technical analysis will help guide decisions about land use, development, transportation, and parks and recreation. Residents will have an opportunity to review these alternatives and share their opinions on a preferred future for Henrico. Sign up for the email list below to stay informed and learn about future engagement opportunities!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts during the first HenricoNext community engagement period! We received feedback from approximately 670 individuals who provided over 3,000 comments on wide-ranging issues. The inputs from these activities will serve as the foundation for updating the county’s Comprehensive Plan. A report on the engagement results will be shared soon, along with updates on the next round of engagement, which is anticipated to begin by early winter.



The Bike Plan’s first community engagement period has concluded. Thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts on existing and proposed bike facilities in Henrico! A summary of the public feedback is being compiled and will be shared in the coming months. To learn about future public engagement opportunities for the Bike Plan, please sign up for the email list below.


The Planning Team has prepared three existing conditions reports that provide important information on the population in Henrico, our transportation system, and our recreation, parks, and open spaces. The trends and information in these reports can be used to inform decision-making during the planning process. To see these reports, click here. Check back soon for additional reports on other important topics that will be posted this spring.

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Upcoming Opportunities

Envisioning What's Next Together

Henrico County has launched a major community planning effort, HenricoNext, to establish a cohesive, countywide vision for the future and an actionable strategy to achieve it. HenricoNext will result in a rewrite of Henrico County’s key policy and regulatory document, the Comprehensive Plan. 


HenricoNext is a process to:

  • Define Henrico County’s priorities for the future.

  • Revisit and update the County’s vision and goals on a range of issues.

  • Outline a path to success for the coming decades.

This site is your go-to source for information throughout the planning process. Sign-up here to be alerted of important opportunities to share your opinions about the future of Henrico County.



The greatest resource Henrico County has is its people! Throughout the entire planning process, we want to hear your ideas and aspirations about the future of Henrico County. If you want to share a comment, you can email or call using the following contact information. 

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